Goat moth meets woodpecker. Woodpecker eats goat moth.

It may appear like I’m obsessed with the goat moth. But that’s not true! It’s the moth that’s obsessed with my goat willow – or the other way round to be precise. The moth has eaten itself all through the tree, its caterpillars‘ hunger leaving long tunneling wounds till waiting for pupation. But then, one day, a woodpecker fluttered by – that’s what I believe – knocked holes into the willow to bite out one caterpillar after the other.

Wenn man diese Bilder sieht, versteht man meine Specht-Theorie. Vielleicht war's aber auch anderes Getier.

Looking at these pictures one understands my woodpecker theory. But maybe it was another creature. Whatever, it was, I really do love it!

And that is why I really do love this sight. Most of the woodpeckered branches I cut off in early spring but I forgot this one.

Das ist mal ein kaputter Ast. Der Rest der Salweide sprießt ganz grün und fröhlich vor sich hin.

Definitely dead. Meanwhile the remaining willow springs and sprouts.

And I really do wish the caterpillar munching woodpecker has picked up all the willow eating grubs. And if he hasn’t I hope he revisits to feast once again on yummy baby goat moth.

Vielleicht findet der Specht nach diesem Mahl noch ein paar Nachspeisen im Palmkatzerl-Geäst.

Maybe he comes back for a dessert this autumn.

Now: This might be my last goat moth post. But it might as well mightn’t.


Goat moth caterpillars that lived in a much smaller goat willow I cut down last autumn, because they had ruined it. Beautifully disgusting.

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